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PSYCH-K for Children age 7 upwards PDF Print E-mail
Tanyas Blog - Psych-K
Written by Tanya Connor   
Thursday, 12 September 2013 20:04


PSYCH-K can rapidly shifts a child's subconscious programming into a life-enhancing states of consciousness wherein they are more self-empowered and effective as individuals and students.
In the first session an evaluation is taken of the current situation and what the child and parent would like to change.
A brief description of the capacity of both sides of the brain is described visually in an ABC format.
A demonstration of muscle testing takes place with their name and like/dislikes, so that they can experience a new ability to access what is true & false so they can experience access to the subconscious mind where behaviors and traumas and beliefs are stored.
Direct questions are asked to the subconscious and higher self with muscles testing to determine if they feel PSYCH-K is in their highest and best interests to use.
If permission is granted with a strong response with the muscle testing we proceed with belief changes for behavior or for anxiety or traumas.

We will be using muscle testing throughout the session.
We also verify when a belief has changed for the better with muscle testing and that is safe and appropriate to make the changes being requested.
Children like PSYCH-K because it is imaginative and very simple, yet effective and they are encouraged to see, hear and feel what would be happening in their lives if a particular situation transformed, or if a  positive belief was now taking place in their lives.
Children not only like the process but they engage quickly and feel good when they see it is easier to change when they understand they are capable physical emotionally and mentally of finding the answers inside themselves with my facilitation.
PSYCH-K is fun, easy and simple yet profoundly effective in a gentle way for deep lasting change.
I am skilled with helping children to discover secondary gains they could be getting from behaving an unproductive way.
Once they discover why they have needed to act a certain way to get an important need met, they realize they can get that need met in a healthy way and we set time bound goals with action steps for them to work towards consciously and subconsciously.
PSYCH-K offers parents a means of assisting their children with coping tools and re-assessing life from different angels.
When parents begin realizing all the pressures they themselves are under as adults, they begin re-evaluating the lifestyle they are creating for their children and new dialogs, understandings, and patters emerge for a healthier family.
Pressures can be decreased, more quality inter-family dialog and time increase and stress reactions are reduced for everyone in the family. Poor self esteem, fear of failure, fear of success, test anxiety, being bullied resulting in feelings of powerlessness, shame and guilt etc. are powerful feeling which become governing aspects within the subconscious mind. PSYCH-K can easily transform these beliefs, wherein the child is more self-empowered and effective as an individual.

More quality inter-family dialog and time increase and stress reactions are reduced for everyone in the family. Parents who are looking for ways to assist their children in being better students and ultimately living happier more productive lives as adults will find PSYCH-K a highly valuable resource.

Parents who are looking for ways to help their children better deal with stress or illness will find benefit with PSYCH-K as well.

A prerequisite for your first session would be to read my blog on " Self esteem and confidence' so that you can be well informed of the lifelong results of PSYCH-K .

Then please view this video  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-omSaHR7I4


Now please email  any inquiries to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Tanya Connor " It is an illusion Now, is not the time"


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Self Esteem / Confidence at the subconscious level PDF Print E-mail
Tanyas Blog - Psych-K
Written by Tanya Connor   
Thursday, 26 May 2011 19:01

Your level of self-esteem and confidence is based on the belief you have in yourself.

Your turbo-charged subconscious is the ( heart of the Mind), because the ( subconscious ) is the realm of the emotions.

YOUR subconscious mind can be motivated easily with a set of processes called PSYCH-K, its effective because it reflects the latest in the field of mind-brain neuroscience. It takes the guess work out and its verifiable.

The turbo-charged subconscious mind is not in one's head, it's not confined to the physical body it permeates similar to an energy field, it has 4 billion bits per second in processing power versus the conscious mind 2,000 bits per second. So at 4 billions bits per second it has immense therapeutic abilities to clean cobwebs from YOUR mind. To have one's life controlled by no one else, but one's self-by one's power wow to good good to be true?! Now with PSYCH-K a unique mind management set of tools, it provides an effective and powerful system for transportation personally and professionally.

The power of the subconscious mind is the power of man's hidden power to change and maintain his/her life and that of other's as a surrogate if permission is granted.

Here are 1 short videos for you to enjoy!


Your subconscious mind is the place in which everything that has happened to you is stored. It's like Google, a universal search engine in which all the "documents" of your life are kept in searchable files. This includes losses, habits, and traumas, and it also includes sub personalities like the inner child. You can put it on "search mode" and find out many answers to your life's questions - like "Why do I keep on doing this thing that I don't want to do - over and over again?"

The Transformation System of the Universe

Your super-conscious mind is just the opposite. It's your higher self or Wise Mind, and it's the transformation system of the universe. The qualities of this state - wisdom, love, peace, light, forgiveness, and enlightenment - are gifts given to you to help you to become your greatest self. .The super-conscious state goes above and beyond every other feeling, thought, pattern, or tendency in your body and mind, and your awareness of it shifts the very core of your life itself.

Your subconscious mind is a repository of the dilemmas or illusions, and your Wise Mind is the representative and voice of the soul, an inborn remedy of transformation. Getting in touch with your super-conscious returns you to wholeness and is the basis of prayer, meditation, transformational understanding, and ultimate healing. It is ultimately practical, as it consistently reminds you of the wholeness that's at the core of your being and that you can consistently return to for comfort and peace.

PSYCH-K model  combines both minds for change. I believe it is this Higher Self connection to God (Divine Intelligence, Universal Mind, Spirit, etc., whatever you choose to call “It”) that guides the PSYCH-K process. This reality of a spiritually expanded consciousness is an important bridge between contemporary spirituality and contemporary psychology. PSYCH-K provides a format to actively blend the two perspectives.

With acceptance of this concept of the super-conscious mind as a valuable source of an expanded awareness comes a caveat about the temptation to defer even the most mundane daily choices to this level of mind. Remember, it is our conscious mind that is designed to set goals and judge results; it is our volitional mind. By contrast, the subconscious is the habitual mind. It doesn’t choose actions as much as it simply responds to its environment in an automatic fashion.

The super-conscious mind is different from either of the other “minds.” It’s more like a watchful and caring parent. Its job is to oversee the developmental process of your growth and evolution as a spiritual being having a human experience–to enable you to learn your lessons and grow up to be a fully functioning adult. If you deferred all your decisions to your parents you would never achieve the necessary confidence and self-sufficiency to make it in the world on your own.

It’s one thing to confer (talk it over) with a parent when an important decision needs to be made; it’s quite a
nother to defer to them (to let them make the decision for you.

With PSYCH-K you can get the lesson so that you can then release the symptoms, viewing it as a messenger that leads you to the root cause. The change process uses muscle testing to get permission before making the change. Permission is requested from both the subconscious and super-conscious minds to assure the safety and appropriateness of proceeding with the belief change process.

PSYCH-K is by far the most extraordinary tool I have ever used in my 28 years as a holistic practitioner,with myself and my children and with clients globally and here locally in Arizona.


Tanya Connor "It is an illusion NOW, is not the time" 602 515 3407


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